AFRIQIYAH AIRWAYS CARGO: Your Trusted Cargo Solution

Unlock the potential of seamless cargo transport with Afriqiyah Airways Cargo. Our cargo services are designed to offer you great value rates, ensuring that your goods reach their destination swiftly, safely, and economically.

Reliable Cargo Services

Afriqiyah Airways boasts an extensive network and schedule, allowing us to provide a fast and dependable cargo service. With a continually expanding list of destinations, we take pride in delivering speed, safety, and cost-effectiveness for all your transportation needs.

Tailored Shipping Solutions

We understand that different products require special handling and service. That's why we offer a variety of shipping services designed to cater to your unique shipping needs. Our dedicated staff is well-versed in the delicate nature of certain cargo items, especially perishable goods. Rest assured, all perishable items are handled with meticulous attention to their specific requirements. Please note that the transport of perishable materials is limited to direct flights for optimal freshness.

General Cargo Goods

At Afriqiyah Airways, we specialize in transporting general cargo goods, subject to approval by our cargo department. For detailed information on special offers and rates for shipping your cargo to and from Libya, kindly reach out to our head office or authorized agents. Additionally, we extend special discounted rates for goods of Libyan origin destined for Europe and Turkey, as part of our commitment to promoting Libyan agricultural and industrial products on a global scale.

Important Notes

- Dangerous Goods: Afriqiyah Airways strictly does not accept dangerous goods, as listed by IATA, including items such as paints, oils, and lubricants.
- Baggage Safety: We recommend that all baggage is securely packed to ensure safe carriage. The carrier may refuse to accept registered baggage if it is not properly packed to warrant safe transportation, despite normal care during handling.
- Liability Disclaimer: Afriqiyah Airways is not liable for fragile or perishable goods carried in checked baggage, nor for items such as money, jewelry, valuables, documents, or commercial samples. Such items are transported at the passenger's sole risk and responsibility, in accordance with IATA rules, and are handled in line with industry standards.

Afriqiyah Airways Cargo is your trusted partner for all your cargo transport needs. Experience the reliability and efficiency of our services as we deliver your goods to their destination with care and precision.
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