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Our flights cover numerous Arab and African destinations.

Call Sign: AFRIQIYAH     ICAO: AAW     IATA: 8U

Mission & Core Values: Our mission is to serve with state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring a remarkable travel experience.
We aim to unite the finest aspects of Africa, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.
Our commitment is to provide a service that is synonymous with "Relaxation, Efficiency, and Warm Hospitality."

Afriqiyah Airways, a state-owned company headquartered in Tripoli, Libya, was established in April 2001 through Decree No. (101/2001). This decree outlined the company's objectives, which encompassed the provision of air transport services for passengers, mail, and cargo within and beyond Libya's borders. The company's strategic vision also included the establishment of international connections and a commitment to prioritize investments in air transport to bridge the African continent with the global network.

In December 2001, Afriqiyah Airways initiated its flight services. Initially, the company operated with Boeing 737-400 aircraft, but by 2003, it transitioned to a fleet primarily consisting of leased Airbus aircraft.

Notably, in 2006, Afriqiyah Airways entered into a Memorandum of Understanding for the acquisition of six Airbus A320s and three Airbus A319s, with an option for an additional five aircraft. Additionally, the airline secured an agreement for three Airbus A330-200s, with the option to acquire three more. This significant development took place during the Paris Air Show. The first Airbus A319 from this order was delivered on September 8, 2008, marking a milestone in the airline's fleet expansion.
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